thf vapor pressure

  • Tetrahydrofuran | (CH2)3CH2O - PubChem

    15 Jul 2009 Tetrahydrofuran | (CH2)3CH2O or C4H8O | CID 8028 - structure, chemical Saturated liquid density: 55.230 lb/cu ft; saturated vapor pressure: 

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  • Tetrahydrofuran (data page) - Wikipedia

    [edit]. Vapor pressure 143 mm Hg at 20°C log10 Tetrahydrofuran vapor pressure. Uses formula: log e ⁡ P m m H g 

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  • tetrahydrofuran - CAMEO Chemicals

    THF. Keep people away. Shut off ignition sources and call fire department. Stay upwind and use water spray to ``knock down'' vapor. Avoid contact with liquid 

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  • Tetrahydrofuran "THF/Tetrahydrofuran" | Products | Mitsubishi

    THF (Tetrahydrofuran) is a stable compound with relatively low boiling point and excellent solvency. lower:2.0. Vapor Pressure (kPa), 18.9(20℃).

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  • Vapor Pressure of Tetrahydrofuran from Dortmund Data Bank - DDBST

    Vapor Pressure of Tetrahydrofuran from Dortmund Data Bank.

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  • Vapor-liquid equilibria of tetrahydrofuran systems - American

    binary mixtures of tetrahydrofuran separatelywith hexane, with cyclohexane, and vapor pressures were within 0.1 kPa of the reported vapor pressure data, we.

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  • Tetrahydrofuran - the NIST WebBook

    NCI-C60560; Rcra waste number U213; UN 2056; Diethylene oxide; Dynasolve 150; Tetrahydrofurane; THF (tetrahydrofuran); P = vapor pressure ( bar)

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  • Tetrahydrofuran - High Purity Solvents | Sigma-Aldrich

    Whether you need HPLC tetrahydrofuran, ACS tetrahydrofuran, anhydrous tetrahydrofuran or one of the other grades Vapor Pressure, 143 mm Hg (20°C).

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  • Tetrahydrofuran (THF) - Monument Chemical

    Tetrahydrofuran (THF) is a clear, colorless liquid with an ether-like to form peroxides during storage, THF is inhibited with. BHT. Vapor Pressure @ 20°C.

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  • File:Vapor pressure tetrahydrofuran.svg - Wikimedia Commons

    17 Jan 2010 berechntet nach /calculated according log10(P) = A−(B/(T+C)) (P in bar, T in K) A = 4,12118, B = 1202,942, C = −46,818 

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